Wine is made in the vineyard...

Wine is made in the vineyard...

2 Mar 2013

Amazing day at TasteNelson Festival !

Jean at Partintgon Organic Wines stall

Thanks a lot to all of you who came to have a good wine time at our stall on the  TasteNelsonFestival yesterday!

Anna and myself had a fantastic day pouring Partington Organic Wines to everyone coming to visit us, and we've been pretty busy as people were coming, asking for :

- "I'd like some of your delicious Chardonnay my friend told me that I have to try!" 

-"I'd like to try your Pinot Noir 2008. 
(me) : Sure, and why the 2008?
- A friend of mine just told me that it was very nice"

It was just very pleasant for us to talk about our passion, what we do in an Organic Vineyard, how we make our wine, why being Organic makes a difference, why working with wild yeast is important to give your wine a unique style, what means expression of Terroir!
We also had the visit of french sommelier (from alsace) and "vigneron" (from Sancerre) with a friend from Germany and we had a very interesting tasting, they enjoyed a lot the wines and were very happy to find this kind of "boutique artisan organic winery" at the festival.
Anyway, people seemed pretty interested in our wines and we had very enjoyable chats, that made our day, so a big THANK you!

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Compass Adjuster NZ said...

Looks like fun even though I was at sea and couldn't partake.