Wine is made in the vineyard...

Wine is made in the vineyard...

7 Mar 2013

Samples of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, show me your Brix!

Our Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc hand crushed for Brix levels

Getting closer to the harvest means that we need to regularly control the ripeness of the fruits. Here, following our wine philosophy, we make it simple. We walk down to the vineyard (yes, the vineyard is on the house land, so we really live in the vineyard ), to pick  bunches from different raws.
On the way we eat lots of berries, chew seeds, and comments everything, about fruit flavor, sweetness, acidity, ripeness of the seeds, thickness of the skin, etc.. everything that makes the grapes being ripe or not.
Then we come up to the winery, crush our mini-harvest and simply use our hydrometer that gives us our Brix level (degrees Brix) that indicates the sugar content in the grape juice and gives us an approximate level of the volume of alcohol of the future wine.

Pinot Noir 18,7°Brix  -  Sauvignon Blanc 19,4°Brix 

 As we planned, from the reading of these samples and according to the biodynamic calendar, we'll start harvesting on a fruit day, on saturday the 23rd of March. We should reach perfect ripeness for the most advance of our grapes at this stage, and so we are organizing people, snips, bins, and making the winery ready to get some fruits! The excitement is taking over here as this vintage let us believe that it's gonna be fantastic!

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