Wine is made in the vineyard...

Wine is made in the vineyard...

27 Jul 2013

Harvest 2013, it's all about friends!

Anna and Gareth, early morning picking

Here at Partington's vineyard, picking is all about friends. They come from everywhere, some are neighbors, some family, some even came from Europe!
That's what make this moment unique... We celebrate what the vineyard gives us, and this year was very special.
The grapes were absolutely fantastic, perfect ripeness, flavor, tannins, color, brix, everything was balanced and on time, so we were quite excited and you could only see smiles around the place...

Gareth "happy as", loaded, driving up to the winery

But harvest is not only about picking grapes, it's also a great opportunity to catch up, sharing wine, food, laughs, one of these moments when the time seems to have stopped and enjoyment is everything.

Lunch time after a long morning of picking grapes

With the grapes we brought into the winery, the winemaking team was pretty excited, because it's the perfect opportunity to try different styles and experiment different winemaking methods.
This year we worked some vats under "maceration carbonique", or a mix of whole bunches and de-stemmed bunches, another with only whole berries, it was good fun and great results!

Plunging our vats during the ferments, everyday, morning and evening...

After some weeks of caring from morning to night for our vats, following the ferments, tasting, plunging, controlling the temperature, we ended up pressing beautiful "juices", very close to finished wines already, we were pretty amazed by their elegance... it was time to gently move it into barrels...

Pressing off the Pinot Noir vats before moving the wine into barrels.

Time for us to have a rest after these weeks of long days of work but it's also time for the vines to have a rest, as we go further in autumn, the leaves will change color turning yellow, orange, red and finally fall, blown by the wind. 

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