Wine is made in the vineyard...

Wine is made in the vineyard...

29 Jul 2013

pruning time

I see the ute as it weaves up the long drive way through the crisp morning air; the sun is low but the sky clear, promising us another beautiful Winter's day.
I pour the water into the plunger and the women are at the door, ready to share morning coffee before a day among the vines.

It's pruning time and that means for us, having friends each morning for coffee, checking in on the state of the pruning gear, extra jobs that may need to be done as well as just a general morning catch up, slow and steady as the day opens up. We treasure our pruners; their hard work, their skill and their knowledge that they bring to our vines.

The vineyard is looking stripped back and barren after the riotous Summer growth and the Harvest bounty. During the pruning season the vines are pulled into line even more; cut back to one or two canes, the prunings pulled out and the rest tied down until they resemble neat, ordered rows, pausing in the quietness of Winter.
The vineyard reflects this back to us, reminding us to pause and rest while the sun is still fairly low in the sky.

The pruners finish their coffee.
It's time. We hug, wish each other a good day and they go out the front door, secateurs in hand, and head down into the vineyard.

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